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Automatic fiber mold laser welding machine

  • Using fiber laser high reflectivity strong energy maintenance free no ming less power consumption compared to the traditional mold welding safety good stability and long service life. 1500W fiber laser to meet the needs of copper and aluminum
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Picture of laser welding machine


Titanium alloy products, laser automatic welding

Mold precision insert sharp corner laser burn welding

Titanium alloy products, laser automatic welding

Laser welding corners of precision parts without damage, no bite edge

Laser welding of parts of injection mold

The laser head can turn, and the microscope can turn



Mold laser welding machining principle


The principle of laser processing: the laser emitted by the laser generator passes through a series of processing, and the energy is highly concentrated in a small range after the lens focus. If the processed material absorbs the laser well, the material in the irradiated area will quickly heat up because of absorbing the energy absorption of the laser. Depending on the properties of the material (such as melting point, boiling point, the temperature causing chemical changes), the workpiece will undergo a series of physical or chemical changes, such as melting, gasification, generation of oxides, discoloration, and so on. This is the principle of laser processing.



Advanced processing mode, high efficiency


Compared with the traditional machining, the focused laser is like a very fine invisible tool, which "burns" the surface of the local area of the object point by point. It is characterized by no contact with the workpiece, no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so it does not change the physical properties of the processed articles; because the size of the laser focusing is small, the thermal influence area is small, and the processing is fine, some conventional processes can be completed.



In-kind Shooting




Applied range


Large precision injection molding, die casting die repair, beryllium copper mold, aluminum casting, sand hole, copper casting, air hole repair. Welding and supplementary welding processing of large-piece products.



Performance characteristics


1. The use of fiber laser, high reflectivity, strong energy, maintenance free, light free, less power consumption, compared to the traditional mold welding, small size, safety, good stability and long service life.

2.1500W fiber laser, to meet the needs of copper and aluminum welding large amount of mold and product welding processing, can repair the mold, but also welding products, but also optional handheld welding head.

3. High load-bearing base and workbench, maintain the advantages of light and flexible, while providing a higher carrying capacity.

4. Equipped with. The 1.5P high-power integrated water chiller ensures the stability of high-power welding.



Model TFL-1500DFA
Laser wave length 1070-1080nm
Laser power 1500W
Laser device output stability ±2%
Fibre diameter 50μm
Fiber length 10m
Pumping source Semiconductor
Beam quality ≤1.1
Aiming at positioning Red light + CCD camera surveillance system
Host power 4.5KW
Electricity demand 220V±5%/50Hz
Cooling-down method Water cooling 1.5P integrated
Pulse length 20MS
Laser frequency 1-50Hz
Spot diameter ≤1.0
Solder wire 0.1-0.5mm
Table stroke 125*100mm



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