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Mold laser welder TFL-180III

  • Ordinary mold laser welding machine TFL-180 is the traditional type of mold laser welding machine of Tongfu Laser Company. It is equipped with laser head hand lifting and electric lifting of working table button to realize the laser welding processing
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Mold laser welding machine processing sample pictures


Mold laser welding machine welding solid sample effect-fully melting, no bite edge

Circular mold parts angular circumference precision laser welding

Laser replacement welding after the inlet of the die is worn

Beryllium copper mold insert

Laser repair welding can be repaired for the root and side of the narrow groove

The mold laser welding process is used for the side of the medium mold



Mold laser welding machining principle


The principle of laser processing: the laser emitted by the laser generator passes through a series of processing, and the energy is highly concentrated in a small range after the lens focus. If the processed material absorbs the laser well, the material in the irradiated area will quickly heat up because of absorbing the energy absorption of the laser. Depending on the properties of the material (such as melting point, boiling point, the temperature causing chemical changes), the workpiece will undergo a series of physical or chemical changes, such as melting, gasification, generation of oxides, discoloration, and so on. This is the principle of laser processing.



Advanced processing mode, high efficiency


Compared with the traditional machining, the focused laser is like a very fine invisible tool, which "burns" the surface of the local area of the object point by point. It is characterized by no contact with the workpiece, no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so it does not change the physical properties of the processed articles; because the size of the laser focusing is small, the thermal influence area is small, and the processing is fine, some conventional processes can be completed.



In-kind Shooting




Applied range


Ordinary mold laser welding machine TFL-180 is the traditional type of mold laser welding machine of Tongfu Laser Company. It is equipped with laser head hand lifting and electric lifting of worktable button to realize the laser welding processing of different thickness molds. This series is suitable for laser repair welding of precision injection molding, laser repair welding and die casting welding; but also suitable for laser repair, laser repair and overcutting processing; laser welding processing of various metal structural parts and laser welding processing of gold and silver jewelry.



Precision power supply


The design mode of charging and discharge is adopted to reduce interference and further improve the working performance.



Core laser


Adopt imported ceramics, diffuse reflection, corrosion resistance

Double steps design, change the lamp to wash the cavity more convenient

Gilded lamp clamlet, excellent conductivity without heat



TFL-180Ⅲ/TFL-180Ⅲ-DB Design patent




Patent anti-flash eye LCD light lock Patent Number: ZL201220267409.6
Independent patent: laser synchronous liquid crystal light lock device Protect the operator's glasses from laser stimulation



Parallel light-path microscopy


Parallel light-path HD microscope photographs Binocular pupil distance is adjustable, can be turned to observation





Product Parameter


Model TFL-180Ⅲ
Laser wave length 1064nm
Concentration cavity reflector Imported ceramic concentrating chamber
Laser power 180W
Pulse length 0-20ms
Laser frequency 0-50Hz
The scope of light spot regulation 0.3-2mm
Coolant passage 1.5p is an integrated form
Table stroke 125×100mm
Rated effect 6KW
Electricity demand Standard three phase 380v±5%/50Hz/20A
Optional single phase 220V
External size Host:500×1200×1280mm
Cooling-water machine:540×650×780mm



Attachment and consumables



Open hair mold laser welding machine protection lens
Description of accessories: During the use of the mold laser welding machine, there will often be the phenomenon of iron splashing on the laser lens when melting. The lens plays a role in protecting the internal focusing lens. If there is too much iron adhesion to the protective lens affecting the laser power, the lens needs to be replaced.
Mold laser welding machine welding wire pen
Parts description: this laser wire pen with a lock, can lock the 0.3-0.6 welding wire, especially for the case of deep hole and deep groove is not easy to hold the welding wire welding, welding wire pen plays a role in stable wire, is an indispensable tool for mold laser repair.


Mold laser welder foot switch
Description of accessories: in the use of laser welding machine, according to different situations, will continuously step, put the laser control foot, long time use will cause the aging or failure of the foot switch, found failure, consider replacing the foot switch.
Inlet die laser welding wire
Consumable description: This series of laser welding wire, imported from Germany, packaged by sealed plastic cylinder, mainly for the laser repair welding of mold with high requirements, can meet the laser welding of mirror mold, nitride mold, high hardness mold and other molds.


Laser welding wire of the open mold
Consumable description: This series of laser welding wire, made of imported mold welding wire for fine processing, divided into different materials, can meet the laser repair welding quality of most molds, cost-effective.
Mold laser welder light bulb
Consumable description: lighting bulbs in use for a period of time, due to the life of the bulb, will appear aging or damage, need to be replaced in time.



Optional cantilever system


Configure the physical drawing of the manual boom Configure the physical drawing of the electric crane boom



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