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Fiber laser marking machine should not operate in which envi

Source of the article:Unknown Popularity:Published time:2023-02-27 08:57

Fiber laser marking machine is a high-tech electromechanical integration equipment, ultra-high precision fine marking engraving effect makes it suitable for many industries fine marking, a very wide range of applications. But as a precision machining device, it has a temper, and in some situations it may strike or not work as hard as it can.

1. the voltage is not stable environment, when the voltage fluctuation range is more than 5%, or even more than 10%, the equipment may not work normally, and the stability of the operation will be reduced. It is recommended that customers be equipped with a voltage regulator;

2. the environmental humidity is more than 80%, should not be used for a long time fiber laser marking machine;

3. If the ambient temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius for a long time, the operation of the equipment will be adversely affected;

4.Strong electricity, strong magnetic environment also seriously affect the signal transmission of laser marking machine;

5.In the strong acid and alkali environment is not suitable for long-term use;

6.Two-core power supply environment is also not suitable for equipment use, to use a three-core power supply.

Finally, we should note that in order to durable fiber laser marking machine, the best choice of reliable quality of the old brand, Shenzhen Tongfa laser 12 years to focus on laser marking mechanism, national high-tech enterprises, the industry reputation is good, reliable! (The figure below shows the quality inspection of TFL-F20CY fiber laser marking machine)


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